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My name is Safina Adam and I am a 28 year old self taught henna artist born and bred in Leicester. My passion for henna stemmed from my Asian and African culture growing up with henna. I would occasionally use henna as a child however it was only when I was 14, when henna became a huge part of my life and my identity. During my journey I realised how difficult it was to find good henna paste that would stain my skin well that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin, as I have always had extremely cold and sensitive hands. Over time I developed my own henna paste that would acheive beautiful rich dark stains which I now sell among so many other products today.

Henna has and always will be my favourite art form to me and so I never stick to just one style of henna as I love discovering new styles and accepting the challenge of trying something new. 

Since 2016 I have applied Henna and Jagua in various locations including Leicester's busy shopping centres Highcross and Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre, University Of Leicester on several occasions as well as work with big brands like John Lewis, The Body shop, MAC and Amazon. 

I have also been featured in both Pukaar News as well as the Leicester Mercury and have had the amazing opportunity to be on BBC Radio Leicester to talk about my passion for henna.

In March 2019, I won 2 Awards for Safina Adam Henna at the 2019 Britain's Asian Wedding Awards. These were the Henna Artist of the Year East Midlands and Henna Artist of the Year England (pictured on the right). 

In 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 I was awarded Henna Artist of the Year East Midlands and have been nominated for 2 seperate awards (Henna Artist of the Year at the Asian Beauty Awards as well as Mehndi Artist of the Year at the Oracle Awards).