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10 x Beautiful Bridal Henna Cone

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Contains 10 cones with 15 grams of Natural Henna in each cone.

This henna cone is home made with love and uses 100% natural Ingredients and does not contain any PPD's or any other harmful toxins.

A beautiful mix between creamy and stringy to create smooth and beautiful pieces of art work and never compromising in providing a rich dark stain.

Each Henna cone comes in a small thin but tall cone (in a pen like form) which makes it easy to use and handle as well as a choice of 0.38mm or 0.32mm opening tip to achieve intricate and dainty designs.



Natural Henna powder, Cajeput Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Sugar, Rose Water and Lemon juice.

Lavender cones are most suitable for pregnant women and children under 6, as Lavender is most suitable for pregnant women and children under 6. 



Please store the cone in the freezer. The henna cone will perish if left out especially in warm environments. When you would like to use the cone leave it to thaw on a counter top for 30-50 minutes and then you are good to go!



You can find the most up to date aftercare instructions on this website under the aftercare section. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Safiyah Asif

Amazing cones !!!!

Zaiba Hussain

10 x Beautiful Bridal Henna Cone

Safia Khan
One of the best mehndi cones

I love these cones. They are always so good to use. As a henna artist I feel like it’s one of the best so I use it for my brides x

Safa Khan
Brilliant service

My henna cones came late and oils had leaked messaged and sister was so kind to send me a whole new package. I really appreciated this. It makes me want to order constantly from sis as she provides the best service. Thank you for looking after your customers :)

Sarah Rukhsar
Review by sr mehndi

First time I have used this henna cone and it was amazing the colour stain.😍. The paste was so smooth to come out and it made the whole application process soo much more easier. Loved it and definitely going to order gain x