Thank you for purchasing from Safina Adam Henna. To get the best out of your products please follow these instructions to ensure a darker longer lasting stain result.


If possible a week prior to application scrub the area with a hydrating scrub and moisturise the area regularly to ensure your skin is completely smooth and well hydrated as henna will find it easier to stain and last long on well hydrated skin. Please do this regularly starting from the week prior however do not do this on the day of your appointment.

Please ensure you have all hair removal and nail application prior to your application. Removing hair can affect the hennas ability to develop the stain as well as the chemicals found in nail polish remover/acetone etc can remove the henna stain altogether at times. Hair can also hinder the neatness of application.

Please do not use a moisturiser or any products on the day of your henna application as any excess oils or products can act as a barrier for your henna and therefore affect the henna's ability to stain the skin.

On the day of your application wash the area thoroughly with non moisturising/oil free soap. This will ensure that the paste is in full contact with your skin when applied and there is no barrier between the henna paste and the skin.


These instructions will help to achieve the best possible stain result.