1. Cut the design out, close to the edges leaving a slight border. The closer to the edge the better the result.

2. Gently peel away the top film (shiny side) for each tattoo and apply the paper, sticky design side against the skin and smooth out with your fingers.

3. Gently run lukewarm water over the temporary tattoo paper. Keep dabbing gently with plenty of water. The more water applied the more realistic the temporary tattoo will appear. Keep soaking thouroughly till the backing paper lifts on its own. Check every 60 seconds. After slipping the backing paper off, the henna tattoo design will start to harden on its own. 

4. After slipping the backing paper off run the design under lukewarm water onto the actual design. 

This will eliminate someshininess. AIR DRY ONLY and please do not touch the tattoo whilst it is drying.

5.To remove the tattoo gently scrub in plenty of hot soapy water or use nail polish remover/skin safe sanitising wipes. For a more gentler option you can slowly exfoliate with oil. This may take a little longer but it is my personal favourite way.