This painless and natural temporary tattoo stains the skin blue just like a tattoo. It stains the top layer of the skin and therefore when the top layers of the skin are naturally removed the tattoo stain will disappear. This typically can be anywhere up to 1-2 weeks from application. For the best results please read the instructions carefully below.  


Although Genipa is plant based and safe we always advise a patch test, as it is new to most. All temporary tattoos come with a heart shaped tattoo in order for you to test Genipa on the skin before applying the full tattoo design.  


1. Wash the area you would like to place the tattoo. There should be no oils or moisture on the skin. Any oils can hinder the Genipa’s ability to stain the skin as it will act as a barrier.

2. Cut around the tattoo you would like to apply. This does not have to be neat and can have large spaces around the design.

3. Plan the layout of where you would like each part of the design. Doing this before hand will make the placement of the design look more elegant.

4. Peel the clear film and place the tattoo on dry skin. The light side must be touching the skin and the darker side must be visible to you. The darker side is a guideline which allows you to place the tattoo exactly where you would like it. Press down gently for the adhesive to slightly stick to the skin. Do not worry if the edges do not make complete contact on the skin. 

5. Apply water to a piece of tissue and drain the excess water. Too much water will make the Genipa stain appear muted and the lines will look bled. 

6. Gently dab the wet tissue for 15-30 seconds. Do not skip this step as the Genipa needs time to transfer thoroughly. The full 15-30 seconds is needed to create a rich blue stain.

7. Once the tattoo has been transferred let it air dry and avoid touching the area for the next few hours. The longer it is left on the better the results. 

8. After a few hours, wash off the Genipa and wait 48-72 hours for your tattoo stain to develop into a rich beautiful blue stain.  

This plant based tattoo stain may look faint when first applied but don’t panic, the stain will slowly darken over the next 48 hours.



Please note that Genipa can transfer to other parts of the body easily whilst freshly applied. To prevent this you can cover the design.