Thank you for your interest in my henna services. Please carefully review this henna contract/ terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts between “Safina Adam Henna” and the client requesting services provided by Safina Adam Henna.


1. Definitions 

1.1 “Safina Adam Henna” shall be defined as the henna artist.
1.2 Services means Henna services provided by the henna artist to the client.

1.3 The Client’ means the individual or company requesting henna services. 

2. Application of the Terms and Conditions 

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the sale of service(s) by Safina Adam Henna to the client with the exclusion of amended terms and conditions in accordance with figure 2.2 

2.2 Safina Adam Henna reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. The most up to date terms and conditions can be available when asked for or on Safina Adam Henna's website ( and it is the responsibility of the client to make themselves aware of the amendments, however Safina Adam will make sure she alerts clients which have been booked in of any changes, where possible.

2.3. All enquires and orders received by telephone, email, website or social media to purchase a service shall be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions 


3. Communication
3.1 Safina Adam Henna’s preferred method of communication is by text/email. 

3.2 All invoices and quotations will be sent by email, social media messages, WhatsApp or text and shall form a legal document as if they were sent by post/mail. 

3.3 The client must provide the henna artist with pictures of the designs wanted at least 1 week  prior to the bridal henna application date or 1 day prior to private henna application date. 

4. Commencement/ Completion
4.1 Safina Adam Henna will provide the client with a quotation of costs for the services via email or messages (including social media messages).

4.2 If any significant changes need to be made to the contract, Safina Adam Henna is entitled to make any changes to prices however if you are quoted a price, prior to the change, Safina Adam Henna will honour the price quoted even after any significant changes to Safina Adam Henna’s price list. If an agreement cannot be arranged figure 5.2 will still apply. 

4.3 Additional services provided on the day will need to be agreed and paid in full after the service has been carried out for private henna and Jagua, bridal and event henna bookings. Extra charges for this will be in the discretion of Safina Adam Henna, and will follow the price list as stated on All extra charges will be discussed with the client prior.

4.4 If there is any significant delays of more than 30 minutes after the booking time a further charge of 10% (of the total booking price) will be added for every 30 minutes thereafter, for Safina Adam Henna's loss of time.  

4.5 Safina Adam Henna cannot be held beyond the times agreed unless otherwise arranged. If Safina Adam Henna is available beyond the agreed times Safina Adam Henna can discuss this with the client and suitable arrangements can be made.

4.6 Clients who have prior skin conditions, allergies or are on any medication that will effect the skin (e.g. acne medication) are advised to notify Safina Adam Henna before the booking is made as Safina Adam Henna cannot be held responsible for any skin reactions to the products used, however Safina Adam Henna uses the utmost care to ensure the products she uses is safe for even sensitive skin types, as well as confirms there are no such allergies via a verbal agreement prior to starting any henna application.

4.6a If the Client is allergic to fruits such as kiwi, strawberries or lemon or on any medication that effects the skin e.g. acne medication etc please refrain from booking any form of  Jagua appointment or purchasing any form of Jagua product. Please note there is a 2% chance of developing a reaction to Jagua.

4.6b If the Client is allergic to henna, sugar or essential oils please refrain from booking any form of Henna appointment or purchasing any form of henna product.

4.7 Safina Adam Henna will only use products that are safe for the skin and will not use any products which are provided by the client or contain harmful chemicals, PPD's or harmful toxins. 

4.8 Safina Adam Henna will accept no liability for adverse reactions to the products used, however Safina Adam Henna will only use products which Safina Adam Henna believes to be safe and natural. These products as well as the ingredient information can be found on Safina Adam Henna's online store or alternatively they can be provided to the client when asked.

4.9 It is the clients responsibility to request a patch test if needed.

4.10 Safina Adam Henna will use reasonable care but will not be responsible for damage to clothing or property. 

4.11 Safina Adam Henna will use natural products which provide the best stain outcome however proper aftercare is still required for the best possible stain therefore Safina Adam Henna will not accept any liability for the outcome of bad stain results due to poor aftercare as all aftercare can easily be found on

4.12 Safina Adam Henna will not design anything that could be considered offensive or religious text. Safina Adam Henna will not apply on inappropriate parts of the body. 

4.13 Safina Adam Henna must be provided a chair and a well lit area for the henna application to take place. 

4.14 Safina Adam Henna must be allowed breaks for food, water, bathroom and prayer and a place to pray (prayer times are available upon request).

4.15 Photographs of henna will not be taken with and without verbal consent. Photos will be used for portfolios, social media and promotional materials. If the client is unhappy with their photo to be taken (whether it be their hands or face) please make Safina Adam Henna aware prior to any photographs.

5. Deposit and Payments 

5.1 Safina Adam Henna’s preferred method of payment is cash,

Bank Transfer:

Safina Adam

Sort code: 20-49-17

Account Number: 30985139

and PayPal ( 

5.2a A deposit of 50% (cleared funds) of the full balance for Bridal Henna is payable by the client in order to secure the booking at the date/ time for the services to be provided. The client understands that the deposit is non refundable. 

5.2b  A deposit of £10 for private bookings or £40 for event bookings of the full balance is payable by the client in order to secure the booking at the date/ time for the services to be provided. The client understands that the deposit is non refundable.

5.3 The remaining balance for private henna application is required to be paid on the day by cash or card, for Bridal henna and Event henna the remaining balance must be made at least 1 day prior to the booking day,  this is to ensure payment is received and prevents any chase up after the event henna/ bridal henna has been completed. If additional work is required on the day of the event then there may be an extra charge and this will be based upon the initial hourly rate discussed with the client (currently £40 and hour). All extra payments must be paid on the day of the booking either by cash or card. Card machine is available on the day.

5.4 Safina Adam Henna does not provide credit facilities.

5.5 It is the client who booked the henna/jagua responsibility for payment of the deposit and the final fee. 

5.6 If payment is arranged to be paid after the event date then the client may incur additional costs if the payment is made late. This will be in the form of an admin cost, a daily late fee charge as well as the cost of any losses Safina Adam Henna incurs whilst recovering the payment. 

6. Travel Charges 

6.1 Safina Adam Henna provides free travel charges to all event henna and bridal henna that takes place within 4 miles of Safina Adam Henna's location for Clients who spend above £50 (Clients who spend below this amount will be required to have their henna appointment carried out at Safina Adam Henna's place of business in Beaumont Leys, Leicester or a travel fee will apply to have the henna appointment take place at the clients home).
6.2a For home visits outside of Leicester ALL travel costs must be paid (via coach, train, bus, taxi etc) to and from Leicester to the location in which henna will be applied.This should be paid with the deposit.

6.2b Travel costs include the cost of travelling to and from the clients requested location and Safina's home address as well as £15 an hour for the time spent travelling.


7.1 Safina Adam Henna will ensure that she takes the upmost care to limit the spread of COVID19 and its various variants. This will include but not limit to mask wearing on the day, sanitising of henna station and cones in between each client/guest, Covid Test done prior to attending event to limit the spread to the client and the clients guest. 

7.2 If by any chance a lockdown or changes in COVID19 laws/ Government guide lines takes place during the agreed upon booking day, Safina Adam Henna will not be able to attend the booking and a full refund of the deposit initially paid will be sent across to the client. Alternatively the client can request an alternative booking date.

7.3 It is the clients responsibility to make sure that the client and the clients guests test for COVID19 and its variants. If the client or clients guests test positive for COVID19 and it's variants it is the responsibility of the client and the clients guests to follow the correct procedures according to the Government guidelines at the time of the booking.

7.4 Safina Adam Henna will ensure Safina Adam Henna tests for COVID19 regularly to ensure there is no spread to the client or the clients guests during the day of the event. In the unlikely case that Safina Adam Henna tests positive for COVID19 Safina Adam Henna will not be able to attend the booking and will help find suitable alternative artist to take her place. This is subject to availability of other artists.


8. Giveaways

8.1 Safina Adam Henna's giveaways are in no way affiliated with any other company e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc

8.2 Safina Adam Henna will choose the Giveaway winner using random selection.

8.3 To enter any Giveaway Safina Adam Henna hosts you must be 18 or older. If you are under the age of 18 you must request permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter the Giveaway. 

8.4 All Henna and Jagua services offered as a Giveaway prize will take place at Safina's home address, which will be given to the winner, or alternatively in LE1 if Safina is available.

8.5 All Henna and Jagua products offered as a Giveaway prize will only be offered to those in Europe to avoid the giveaway products perishing. 

8.6 The Giveaway winner will be announced within 2 weeks after the Giveaway has ended. 

8.7 The Giveaway winner will be contacted via email, social media etc and if the Giveaway winner does not respond within 24 hours. If the winner does not respond within this time frame another winner will be announced. 

8.8 All giveaway prizes are redeemable within 1 year of winning the prize.

8.9 Henna and Jagua services that have been won will only be available on certain days Safina is available.

8.10 Henna and Jagua products won may take longer than standard processing and delivery times, however Safina Adam Henna will ensure she dispatches the order as soon as possible. 

9. Law 

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with English law and you hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.